cnex 2014

cnex 2014 special edtion habdmade muscovado sugar







Unlike most brown sugar, muscovado is made from unrefined sugarcane juice and renders a distinct molasses flavor and more mineral contents.


We source our sugarcanes via purchase-gurantee contracts with local farmers who are engaged in reviving the traditional, natural farming practices. During the day, the sugarcanes grow in the sunshine of southern Taiwan; in the night, the pesticide-free farms become a sanctuary for fireflies.


After harvest, our sugarcanes are processed in traditional, non-machinery methods. The un-centrifuged juice simmer and crystalize slowly over a furnace heated with Taiwan’s “longan” (dragon eye) wood. We add neither artificial color nor molasses. The result? What you get is the real flavor of the sugarcane with a hint of longan’s smoky, sweet fragrance.

榨汁、燉煮,遵循古法,以龍眼木慢慢地熬著, 用耐心與時間成就甘甜濃烈的滋味。
不加色素,所以沒有過於濃重的顏色, 不加糖蜜,所以吃得到甘蔗真正的味道。

To enjoy the muscovado sugar, we recommend that you to eat it directly at least once. The amazing taste makes the muscovado like a dessert by itself. It also pairs perfectly with any ginger-flavored sweets. Or, in a simple and most Taiwanese way, place some minced ginger root and muscovado in a cup, pour boiling water in, stir, and then sip this cold-weather drink that warms you from head to toe.


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